Table of Contents
Table of Contents

About Inspired IT

Inspired IT is a young company that is keen on changing the IT infrastructure by adhering to client wishes, offering a better brand, and delivering quality services.

By nature, IT is a challenging concept. The industry involves a multitude of solutions that are as diverse as they are complicated. Inspired IT aims to change the very nature of IT by offering transparent services that can be understood by any member of a small to medium-sized business.

The Inspired IT team is passionate about personal and professional growth. Team members have up-to-date industry certifications. An environment of lessons learned is implemented for the betterment of client relations. Through stability, reassurance, and a carefree attitude Inspired IT is the chosen IT provider with a passion for small business IT support for companies of any size in Perth Western Australia.

An Inspired Company Mission

Founded in 2016, Inspired IT is defined by the following values:

  • We are one Team
  • We Communicate clearly and frequently.
  • We deliver WOW through service.
  • We evolve and adapt.
  • We do the right thing.

The Inspired IT team is excited to bring an increased sense of accountability to best exceed client expectations. Through 24/7 monitoring services, direct vendor interactions, managed IT services, and established relationships with the best hardware and software partners, Inspired IT offers the reassurance that small businesses in Perth Western Australia require.

Inspiring Others

Discover how a fun, hardworking team of IT professionals can revitalize the chosen technology solutions for a growing business. Through transparent services, a friendly demeanour, and quality advice, the entire Inspired IT team is capable of delivering customised IT solutions to meet current and future business requirements. Contact Inspired IT via info@inspired-it.com.au or (+61) 08 6142 8221.

Our Purpose

Why Was Inspired IT Created?

Inspired IT was founded in February 2016 on the belief that a small business IT support, solutions and consulting firm needs to be inherently customer focused. The company strives to provide transparent services, whilst simultaneously avoiding technical jargon that can be confusing to clients. Through a small, passionate team, Inspired IT is able to help start-up to medium-sized businesses approach IT from a new, higher standard.

The Inspired Company Mission Reflects A Desire For Professional Growth

Inspired IT features a hardworking team comprised of industry experts who leverage up to date IT certifications and friendly demeanors to build long-lasting relationships with clients. Stability, reassurance, reliability, professionalism, and a carefree attitude are the pillars that define the Inspired IT workspace. In fact, the company embraces the following values:

  • We are one team
  • We communicate clearly and frequently
  • We deliver WOW through service
  • We evolve and adapt
  • We do the right thing

The Inspired IT team proudly embraces an increased sense of accountability on all activities. This mentality has helped the company to exceed client expectations on all service activities. Inspired IT is perfectly formed to deliver the IT solutions, support, and consultancy that is needed by businesses in Perth Western Australia.

Hardworking. Growing. Industry Experts.

Discover how a fun, dedicated team of IT professionals is transforming the expectations for an IT solutions and consulting firm. Through transparent services, a friendly team, and expert advice, the entire Inspired IT team is dedicated to the timely delivery of customized IT solutions that can meet current and future business requirements. For additional information contact Inspired IT via info@inspired-it.com.au or (+61) 08 6142 8221.

Who We Serve

Today’s digitally driven world has created an increasing demand on the reliance of IT services.

In fact, it is hard for a business to succeed unless it has a reliable technological foundation that encompasses software, hardware, and cloud components. Inspire IT is rapidly becoming the go-to resource for Western Australia accounting, Mac support, engineering, law, and construction companies.

What Services Does Inspired IT Provide?

Inspired IT offers a client-centric approach to implementing quality IT support and solutions for Western Australian businesses. 24/7 monitoring, vendor relationships, proven IT partnerships with best-in-class hardware and software companies, and personable IT management services are delivered to companies in a multitude of industries.

Additional services include:

  • Security — Inspired IT keeps business, employee, and client data secure. Data is backed up and a business continuity plan is implemented to safeguard this valuable asset against unexpected disasters. Additionally, IT networks are protected against current and future cybersecurity attacks.
  • Accessibility — Cloud solutions can be leveraged to improve accessibility to important files and applications. Workloads, data, and files can more easily be shared with clients and employees via a secure cloud application. Implemented solutions are designed to enhance productivity within the workspace.
  • Strategy — A comprehensive IT strategy is implemented to account for current and future business needs. An intimate understanding of service-based industries allows the Inspired IT team to increase reliability, reduce downtime, and adjust for increased traffic during busy seasons.

Professionalism. Dedication. IT Experts.

Inspired IT is proud to be a small, hardworking team of IT professionals whom are interested in providing custom tailored solutions to clients in a wide variety of markets. Quality advice, transparent services, and personable relationships are the founding pillars of Inspired IT. By working directly with clients, the entire Inspired IT team can deliver customized IT solutions that meet current and future business requirements. For additional information or to set-up an IT consultation, contact Inspired IT via info@inspired-it.com.au or (+61) 08 6142 8221.

Where We Serve

A Better Managed IT Services Experience Is Only A Click Away

Inspired IT is conveniently located in Perth, Australia. The company’s infrastructure is built to work with clients throughout the greater Perth area, Kalgoorlie, as well as towns throughout Western Australia. Improved remote capabilities give Inspired IT the ability to also work with clients in East Australia.

Clients enjoy innumerable benefits of working with the small Inspired IT team. As a small, yet growing company, Inspired IT is able to provide the one-on-one attention that clients require on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. Through this dedicated mentality, Inspired IT is proud to be able to successfully provide our managed IT services to a large geographic region. The company’s invaluable knowledge of domestic and global IT solutions is leveraged to provide in-person and remote IT solutions for small to medium sized businesses throughout Australia.

In-Person And Remote IT Solutions Throughout Australia

Inspired IT invites clients located near Perth, throughout Western Australia, and as far as East Australia to enjoy the benefits of working with a small team of dedicated IT professionals who aim to exceed client expectations on a daily basis. With transparent managed IT services, personable team members, and high-quality advice Inspired IT is capable of delivering the optimal IT solution for any Australian business. To discover a new, better way to approach IT solutions and support, contact Inspired IT via info@inspired-it.com.au or (+61) 08 6142 8221.

Inspired IT Support Process

World Class IT Support

How Our Perth IT Support Company Helps You

When a client experiences an IT challenge, issue, question, or problem, there are two ways to contact a valued member of the Inspired IT team: via an email to helpdesk@inspired-it.com.au or phone (+61) 08 6142 8221.

Either form of communication will result in the receipt of a service ticket, which will be assigned to an engineer. The client will then receive further responses via the ticket, or email, or phone call until the issue is promptly resolved.

During the IT Support resolution process the following steps will be implemented:

  1. Automatic Acknowledgement — The client will receive an automatic acknowledgment that the IT service request has been received and logged.
  2. New Service Ticket — A new service ticket will be generated. This ticket will include the number that should be used to track the request via the secure Customer Portal.
  3. Expedited Ticket Processing — Once the ticket has been created, it will be processed to identify the best resource to handle the question or technical issue.
  4. Email Or Phone Response — The client will receive an email, or phone call, response directly from the assigned resource. The preferred means of communication will be noted within the client’s profile.
  5. Automatic Updates — The system will automatically update the client on the progress or status of the work. The number of updates will be in accordance with the established workflow rules. The client will be notified when the challenge, issue, question, or problem has been resolved.

For additional information on Inspired IT’s support process, contact a team member at info@inspired-it.com.au or (+61) 08 6142 8221.

Our Technical Expertise

Inspired IT was formed in February 2016 by technology enthusiasts with over a decade of industry experience.

The company is built upon a foundation of IT expertise in a multitude of niche sectors, including:

as well as software and hardware maintenance, upgrades, and patches.

Support and solutions are built on years of industry experience, current certifications, and a passion for providing good, client-centric services.

About The Inspired IT Team’s Perth IT Solutions

Inspired IT features a small team of IT professionals who are passionate about career development; as such, the entire team has up to date industry certifications. Individuals are experts within their chosen niche and strive to deliver the high-quality services that clients have come to associate with the Inspired IT name.

With decades of combined IT experience, the Inspired IT team is willing and ready to leverage their expertise in the following areas: exchange migrations, infrastructure solutions, hybrid cloud, design solutions, managed IT support, Microsoft Office 365 support, management, and maintenance, disaster recovery, Dell hardware maintenance, patches, and device updates, virtualization, SCCM, SQL, and OS upgrades.

The Inspired IT team has an in-depth knowledge of a multitude of IT software, hardware, and cloud solutions. A sampling of their in-depth knowledge includes, but is not limited to, the following IT components: Active Directory, DHCP, DFS, Group Policy, Desktop Deployment, Windows Update Services, backup systems (Veritas, Symantec, Shadow Protect, Bitdefender, Webroot, and Veeam), and Virus protection (Sophos, McAfee, and Symantec.cloud). These skills and additional IT expertise are all backed up with up to date Microsoft and other industry certifications.

Discover The Difference With Inspired IT

Expert advice is provided by a small hardworking team of IT professionals. By leveraging industry experience and hands-on acquired IT expertise, the entire Inspired IT team is ready to deliver customized solutions that are tailored to meet current and future business requirements. To discover a better approach to business IT infrastructures, solutions, and business IT support, contact Inspired IT via info@inspired-it.com.au or (+61) 08 6142 8221.
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