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How Our Perth IT Support Company Helps You

When a client experiences an IT challenge, issue, question, or problem, there are two ways to contact a valued member of the Inspired IT team: via an email to help@inspired-it.com.au or phone (+61) 08 6142 8221.

Either form of communication will result in the receipt of a service ticket, which will be assigned to an engineer. The client will then receive further responses via the ticket, or email, or phone call until the issue is promptly resolved.

During the IT Support resolution process the following steps will be implemented:

  1. Automatic Acknowledgement — The client will receive an automatic acknowledgment that the IT service request has been received and logged.
  2. New Service Ticket — A new service ticket will be generated. This ticket will include the number that should be used to track the request via the secure Customer Portal.
  3. Expedited Ticket Processing — Once the ticket has been created, it will be processed to identify the best resource to handle the question or technical issue.
  4. Email Or Phone Response — The client will receive an email, or phone call, response directly from the assigned resource. The preferred means of communication will be noted within the client’s profile.
  5. Automatic Updates — The system will automatically update the client on the progress or status of the work. The number of updates will be in accordance with the established workflow rules. The client will be notified when the challenge, issue, question, or problem has been resolved.

For additional information on Inspired IT’s support process, contact a team member at info@inspired-it.com.au or (+61) 08 6142 8221.

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