A business IT continuity plan is imperative for any company that relies on data to maintain business operations.

Inspired IT offers proven business continuity IT solutions Perth businesses can have customized to best meet the needs of their company. Through partnerships clients can enjoy the benefits offered from a cloud-based backup and the secure replication of vital business data. Alternative business continuity plans can be created using Veeam Solutions or ShadowProtect with backups securely stored using Inspired IT’s partnership with Probax.

Protect Livelihoods With A Business Continuity Plan

Any business that is left unprepared when an unexpected disaster strikes is threatening the livelihoods of its employees. Inspired IT provides business continuity plans that focus on:

  • Keeping a business running when disaster strikes
  • Protecting email communications, vital applications, and important files and records in a secure storage solution, which can be remotely accessed when needed
  • Conducting regular backups of all systems, files, settings, and applications
  • Focusing on the fast and easy recovery from any type of disaster

Reliable Backups Save Time And Money While Reducing Risk

As well as servicing medium and large companies, we also provide small business IT support Perth companies can actually rely on. Backing up vital systems will help businesses to recover more easily from disaster. In addition, businesses will be able to more effectively retain business operations during an unexpected disaster. Inspired IT conducts the following types of backups:

  • Image Backups — Save files, operating system(s), settings, users, and applications.
  • Cloud Storage — Backups are saved to a secure cloud solution so that they are protected from anything that might damage onsite equipment.
  • Virtualization — In the event that onsite computers are compromised or damaged, cloud backups can be used to create a virtual copy of business systems, which can then be securely accessed from alternative computers.

Maintain Business Operations With The Help Of Inspired IT

A business continuity plan is a necessary entity for any company that relies on data to complete vital business operations. Inspired IT leverages best in class technologies to create a business continuity plan that accounts for regular backups of files, applications, and systems, to ensure that companies can maintain operations if disaster strikes. To learn more about protecting vital business data, contact Inspired IT via info@inspired-it.com.au or (+61) 08 6142 8221 or CLICK HERE to use our Recovery Time Calculator

Business Continuity Planning

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