Media headlines constantly reveal the latest victims of a cyberattack.

Australian financial institutions, healthcare practitioners, and even the government’s online census have all been attacked. As enterprise level businesses continue to harden their defenses against attacks, small to medium sized businesses need to redouble their efforts to protect valuable business, employee, and customer data.

How Can Inspired IT Protect Australian Businesses?

Inspired IT’s approach to ironclad cyber security encompasses a three step program:

  1. Prepare — Preparation is the key to preventing data theft. Inspired IT implements the following tactics as part of their IT cybersecurity preparation: Security and Risk Assessment; Information Security Strategy; Security Policy Development and Review; and Secure Network Design and Architecture.
  2. Protect — Protecting business data is imperative in today’s marketplace. Through the following tactics Inspired IT secures client data from current and future attacks: Identity and Access Management via SailPoint and Forgerock; Privileged Account Management via CyberArk; Database Encryption; Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions; Secure Cloud Storage; Threat and Vulnerability Assessment; Penetration Testing; and Web Application Testing.
  3. Respond — A timely response is key to mitigating the risks associated with an attack. Inspired IT leverages the following tactics to effectively respond and minimize the damage associated with a cyberattack: Incident Response; Digital Forensics; and Forensic Investigation.

Inspired IT Leverages Cybersecurity Best Practices

Implementing, maintaining, and managing a strong cybersecurity plan is imperative to the success of any sized business. In addition to leveraging the top software and hardware security solutions, Inspired IT offers the following data protection services:

  • Managed security services, including event log monitoring and device patching
  • Penetration testing to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a security network
  • Email security services, including email encryption, SPAM protection, Cloud to Cloud Backups for Office 365, and Mail Archive services.

Cybersecurity requires businesses to begin immediate preparations. Avoid the high financial and reputation costs of a data breach by taking the first step to protect your business today. Inspired IT has a proven track record of protecting clients from the entire range of cyber threats and attacks. Protect your business, employee, and client data by contacting Inspired IT via or (+61) 08 6142 8221.

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