The Microsoft cloud offers innumerable advantages to any sized business.

With the help of Inspired IT, smaller businesses can now take advantage of cloud services that were once only available to large enterprises. From acquiring new customers to optimizing back-end processes, the cloud can offer numerous advantages to businesses. Leveraging these benefits is made easier with the help of Inspired IT and Microsoft Cloud including:

  • Microsoft Cloud services
  • The Azure Cloud service
  • Microsoft Office 365 Cloud

What Benefits Does A Microsoft Cloud Solution Provide?

Public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions all offer a multitude of benefits to any sized business.

  • Secure mobile access to important business files without requiring employees to physically be in the office.
  • Improved versatility for scaling up or scaling down at an affordable price.
  • Increase speed and reliability that reduces reliance on aging hardware solutions.

Which Microsoft Cloud Services Does Inspired IT Offer?

Inspired IT leverages best-in-class cloud solutions to provide secure storage, backup, and business continuity services to clients. Hybrid, private, and cloud solutions are tailored to meet current and future business needs. Alternative cloud services include:

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud – Clients can receive the typical Microsoft Office 365 applications, as well as Software as a Service (SaaS) Microsoft cloud services. The chosen cloud services will provide enhanced collaboration and accessibility features that are designed to improve business productivity. Additional Microsoft cloud services include:

  • Exchange Online – Cloud computing solutions for business email and scheduling applications.
  • SharePoint – A secure hub for internal and external file sharing to increase productivity and facilitate improved collaboration amongst employees.
  • Office Productivity Suite – Enhanced cloud-based versions of the Office suite applications.

Microsoft Azure cloud service– Microsoft Azure includes the processor, disk, and RAM needed to enjoy the desired cloud solution. As an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), Microsoft Azure provides the operating system needed to compute, store, and achieve a virtual network within the cloud. Additional cloud benefits include:

  • Reputable Standing -Microsoft is an industry leader with a long-standing history of delivering reliable technology solutions.
  • Versatile Integration -The cloud solution is easily integrated with other Microsoft products, including Office 365 and Outlook.
  • Strong Business Intelligence -Azure delivers improved data analytics and insights that can be used to enhance business processes.

ZettaGrid – Clients can use ZettaGrid, a self-service cloud computing platform that is designed for ISVs, MSPs, and IT departments. ZettaGrid provides scalable, highly available, and customizable cloud solutions.

  • Cloud Hosting -Improved scalability to meet current and future business needs.
  • Backup and Storage -Data is often a business’ most valuable asset. Protect this asset via secure cloud-based backup and storage solutions.
  • Disaster Recovery -Keep your business running if a disaster strikes.

Security. Protection. Storage. The Solution Is In The Cloud.

Discover how a hardworking small team of IT professionals provides optimal cloud services for the growing Australian business. Through transparent cloud services and quality advice, the Inspired IT team will deliver the solution needed to meet current and future business requirements. Contact Inspired IT via or (+61) 08 6142 8221.

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