Internally we have been using Microsoft Teams for 18 months and I can say that it has made a massive difference with how we work internally and communicate. We no longer use email to communicate internally which leaves email just for external communications and system alerts. We have created the following Channels – Inspired IT, […]

Breaches happen every day however this is the first time we have seen one of this mangnitude and is being labelled the “Collection #1” data breach. This breach includes: 772, 904, 991 unique email addresses, over 21 million unique passwords that were recently posted to a hacking forum. The data set was first reported by […]

Since Windows 10 and previous operating systems, you have been able to copy and paste text and images however the process has been limited and you have been able to get extra functions by using 3rd party tools. However since October 2018 in Microsoft latest OS update they have overcome these limitations to make your […]