Cyber Security Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

“Digital security is being reframed as enabling humans’ capacity to trust each other, technology and institutions at the speed of innovation.” (World Economic Forum) Cyber...

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illustration of it infrastructure

Adapting to Technological Change: Strategies for Future-Proofing Your IT Infrastructure

Today's business world is moving fast. Your IT infrastructure is at the heart of it all. It's more than just support; it's what keeps you...

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cyber security and data privacy for businesses illustration

Navigating the Intersection of Cyber Security and Privacy in the Digital Age

Welcome to the digital business world. Here, cyber security and privacy are more than just buzzwords - they're essential. As businesses, our move to the...

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The Impact of Cyber Security Threats on Individuals and Businesses

In a world deeply woven with digital threads, the shadow of cyber threats looms large. It’s a reality we all face – from individuals to...

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digital landscape

Why Cyber Security is Important in Today’s Digital World

Imagine a world where everything from your phone to your fridge is connected online. It's convenient, right? But there's a catch. Just like in a...

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The Evolution of Cyber Threats: A Journey Through Digital Adversity

The world of cyber threats is like a fast-paced thriller, constantly changing and full of surprises. Gone are the days when these threats were just...

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Free cybersecurity digital security illustration

Types of Cyber Threats: Understanding the Digital Dangers

Navigating today's digital world demands a keen awareness of cyber threats. These digital dangers evolve and escalate, challenging businesses of all sizes across industries. Our...

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Cyber Security Password Lock

3 Reasons Why a Strong Password Isn’t Enough (and How to Reinforce It)

Using passwords is a weak method of digital protection, according to 92% of IT decision-makers in Australia.   Then why do we still use passwords? According...

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Hidden Dangers in Your Business Apps: What You Need to Know

What do your house, car, and business apps have in common? They are all beneficial to you. They all need some kind of security. Your...

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How to Prepare for IT Challenges as Your Business Grows

Remember traveling to a place you’ve never been before? You were both thrilled and jittery. You looked up your destination, planned your itinerary, went through...

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MEGT traineeship grad Jill Dumandan joins Inspired IT full-time

Congratulations and welcome to our newest full-time team member, Jill! Jill has recently completed MEGT’s Microsoft Traineeship Program, which equips aspiring IT professionals with the...

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Microsoft Price Increase: Are You Affected?

In line with Microsoft’s consistent global pricing goal, the company will be updating software prices in Australia and other locations starting 01 September 2023. According...

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