Protect Your Business
and Your Team's Livelihoods With A Business Continuity Plan

  • Keep your business running when disaster strikes.
  • Protect email communications, vital applications, and important files and records in a secure storage solution, which can be remotely accessed when needed.
  • Conduct regular backups of all systems, files, settings, and applications.
  • Focus on the fast and easy recovery from any type of disaster.

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Your helping hand when IT disaster strikes

In the event of an IT or technological emergency, getting your business back on track is of the highest priority. If an unforeseen data disaster struck your business right now, how would you access all your files and critical information and how long would it take you to recover? If you honestly can’t answer – it’s very much worthwhile creating and putting in place a business continuity and disaster recovery plan. 

When you partner with Inspired IT, you’ll receive the fastest possible resolution and data recovery services to get you back to what you do best. 

Even if you’re never faced with data disruptions and subsequent retrievals and recovery, being thoroughly technologically prepared is priceless for peace of mind.

This is what we focus on…

  • Ensuring your business gets back up and running if/when disaster strikes.
  • Protection of email and electronic communications, vital applications and secure storage of important files and information.
  • Conducting regular data backups of all systems, files, settings and applications necessary to keep your business operational.
  • A clearly documented, process driven, lightning fast plan and simplified recovery from any threat, compromise, data breach and/or failure.

Keep your cool with an Inspired IT business continuity plan. Our dedicated Perth IT business recovery specialists leverage leading technologies to formulate your high speed business continuity plan, tailored to your business.


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Here’s how we do it:

Cloud storage: We use professional backups to save your files to a secure cloud location, allowing ultimate protection from anything and anyone who seeks to damage onsite equipment.

Image backups: From the files to the operating system(s), settings to applications, you can count on an Inspired IT technician to save and storwe it all professionally and securely, off site.

Virtualisation: In the event that onsite computers are compromised or damaged, our cloud backups can be used to create a virtual copy of your business systems, meaning they can be easily replicated and accessed via alternative computers. This gets you back to business within minutes and hours, not days and weeks.

The right Perth IT partnerships: We’re responsible for planning, testing and maintenance of your business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Enabling the above will ensure your company can efficiently and safely maintain operations in the event of disaster. Keep your business up, running and efficiently operating, regardless of what happens.

Providing you the peace of mind is what we do best. Let us learn all about your business so we can find the right way to get you back to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.



Your business will have an experienced and reliable single point of contact for all your IT needs.


You won't have to go anywhere else because we’re highly capable, local and grow with your business.


Your staff and team will be supported by us and never be overwhelmed by technology change.


You'll become effortlessly more profitable through time saving efficiency increases and proactive support.


You will always have the best IT technology to ensure your business stays competitive and innovative.


You'll be able to call us for small support tasks right through to large IT projects.


Our dedicated and proactive IT professionals will form a long-term relationship with you and your team so they can deliver the best possible service.


What is business continuity and IT disaster recovery?

Business Continuity

Business continuity refers to the procedures put in place by a business to ensure that essential functions can continue during and after an IT disaster. It aims to prevent interruptions to critical services and to re-establish full functioning as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

IT Disaster Recovery

On the other hand, IT disaster recovery is a subset of business continuity planning and applies specifically to the IT or technology systems that support business functions. It’s a set of policies and procedures for recovering from significant negative events, such as natural disasters, cyber-attacks, or even business disruptions that were related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to recover the IT systems, data, and connectivity necessary to support ongoing business operations.

How does business continuity and IT disaster recovery affect my business?

Business continuity and IT disaster recovery are critical to any business, regardless of size or industry. The consequences can be significant if a disaster occurs and your business operations are interrupted. Not only could you lose valuable business during the downtime, but your customers could lose confidence in your ability to provide services or products.

This could lead to loss of customers, revenue, and even potential legal implications depending on the nature of your business. In the case of IT disaster recovery, if your IT systems are compromised due to a cyber-attack or other natural disaster, it could result in data loss, including sensitive customer information, which could have severe reputational and financial impacts.

How can I ensure my business thrives in spite of disruptions?

The key to ensuring your business can thrive in spite of disruptions is to have a well-thought-out business continuity plan and IT disaster recovery plan in place. This starts with conducting a business impact analysis to identify the potential impact of a disruption to your business operations and processes.

The business impact analysis helps you to identify critical functions, the resources needed to support them, and how quickly these resources need to be recovered. Once you have this information, you can develop a business continuity plan that outlines how your business will continue to operate in the event of a disaster, and an IT disaster recovery plan that details how you will recover your IT systems and data.

What if I already have a business continuity and IT disaster recovery plan?

If you already have a business continuity and IT disaster recovery plan, that’s a great start. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these plans aren’t static documents. They should be reviewed, tested, and updated regularly to ensure they’re still effective and relevant. This includes updating them to reflect any changes in your business operations, technology, or environment, as well as any lessons learned from plan activations or tests.

Regular testing helps to identify any gaps or weaknesses in your plans, and gives your staff the opportunity to practice their roles and responsibilities, increasing their confidence and effectiveness in a real-life disaster situation.

How important is IT disaster recovery to my business continuity plan?

IT disaster recovery is a crucial part of your business continuity plan. In today’s digital age, most businesses rely heavily on IT systems to support their operations and deliver their services or products. If these systems are disrupted or fail, it can have a significant impact on your business continuity.

An effective IT disaster recovery plan helps to ensure that you can quickly recover your IT systems and data, minimising downtime and the associated business impact. It should outline how you will restore your IT infrastructure, applications, and data in the event of a disaster. It also outlines how you will manage communication, roles and responsibilities, and other critical elements of the recovery process.