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Increase your businesses efficiency and productivity with Microsoft Office 365's leading Perth partner

  • We are Perth’s leading Microsoft Office 365 partner for advice, implementation and quick response support.
  • Our Office 365 solutions offer easy scaling that can be adjusted to meet current and future business needs.
  • We can help with the entire suite of Office 365 technologies and softwares.
  • Our team is consistently up to date with the latest and greatest in 365 at all times.

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Increase your business efficiency and productivity with Microsoft 365.

We love Microsoft 365, and we think you will too (if you’re not already enjoying its innumerable benefits already).

From improved migrations to full installation, optimisation, quality customer support and tailored technology-first solutions – experience the simple, secure and improved capabilities from our Perth IT company to your WA based business. 

At Inspired IT, we work with you to help you implement all the technology and tools you and your team will ever need. As a cloud-based subscription program, your team can communicate and collaborate from anywhere, at any time. 

Avoid expensive Exchange servers that take funds away from your business. Instead, choose Microsoft Office 365, which provides everything a small business needs for increased mobility and efficiencies from their carefully selected technology solutions.

365 Days of Benefits 

Inspired IT provides the Microsoft Office 365 support and maintenance needed to optimise results. 

Our Office 365 Solution Offers the Following Benefits:

  • Improved migrations from Exchange, CSP Provider, and SBS Decommissions to Office 365.
  • Installation and optimisation of SharePoint, PowerBI, and Skype for Business.
  • Quality customer support is provided in a professional manner.
  • Customised solutions are tailored to the current and future needs of each client.
  • The entire team is friendly and approachable, whilst simultaneously delivering best-in-class IT solutions.

In addition to receiving the benefits of working with the Inspired IT team, small businesses can enjoy the innumerable advantages offered by a Microsoft Office 365 solution.

  • A fully virtualised email and file-sharing server with secure access via the Microsoft Office 365 cloud.
  • Easy scaling that can be adjusted to meet current and future business scalability needs.
  • A proven technological solution that helps companies remain within their allotted budget.
  • Built-in disaster recovery services are designed to keep your vital business data safe from harm.
  • Multiple layers of security, including Office 365 Message Encryption.
  • A 99.9% uptime guarantee from Microsoft.
  • Office 365 archiving solutions

Leverage the power of Microsoft Office 365 solutions with the help of the Inspired IT team.


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Microsoft 365 Hub

The Microsoft 365 Solutions are truly the hub of all things technology-centres businesses need.  From Microsoft Office applications to services to better workplace productivity – your employees can find web conferencing, hosted emails, PowerPoint, Excel Spreadsheets and data storage, sharing and so much more in one location.



Your business will have an experienced and reliable single point of contact for all your IT needs.


You won't have to go anywhere else because we’re highly capable, local and grow with your business.


Your staff and team will be supported by us and never be overwhelmed by technology change.


You'll become effortlessly more profitable through time saving efficiency increases and proactive support.


You will always have the best IT technology to ensure your business stays competitive and innovative.


You'll be able to call us for small support tasks right through to large IT projects.


Our dedicated and proactive IT professionals will form a long-term relationship with you and your team so they can deliver the best possible service.


What Are the Key Benefits of Implementing Microsoft Office 365 Solutions for My Business?

Microsoft Office 365 offers a range of benefits, including cloud-based collaboration, real-time document editing, enhanced security features, scalability to fit your business size, and integration with familiar tools like SharePoint, PowerBI, and Skype for Business. Our tailored Office 365 services ensure a seamless transition and ongoing support to maximise these advantages.

How Does Inspired IT Support the Migration and Optimisation of Office 365?

We provide comprehensive support for Office 365 migration and optimisation. Our team assesses your current setup, plans a custom migration strategy, and ensures a smooth transition with minimal downtime. Post-migration, we offer continuous optimisation and support to keep your Office 365 environment running efficiently.

Is Office 365 Secure, and How Does Inspired IT Enhance Office 365 Cloud Security?

Office 365 comes with robust security features, including data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and compliance with industry regulations. We aim to enhance Office 365 cloud security by implementing additional measures, monitoring for potential threats, and providing guidance on best practices to ensure your data’s integrity and confidentiality.

What Office 365 Packages Does Inspired IT Offer, and How Is Pricing Determined?

We offer a variety of Office 365 packages tailored to your business’s unique needs and budget. Pricing is determined based on the number of users, selected features, level of support required, and any additional customisations. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and receive a personalised quote.