IT Consulting Perth

IT consultancy, advice and guidance for small and large IT projects

  • We help companies who don’t have an in house CIO or CTO to implement strategic and tailored IT projects to maximise their success.
  • We build solutions around clearly defined procedures and the resources  you have to achieve clear and set deliverables.
  • We leverage best practices to ensure that all IT implementations deliver the specific outcomes that you need.
  • We assist growing companies to create and maintain a scalable solution with every IT project.

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Inspired IT Consulting and Advisory Services

IT consulting is much more than just tech advice once every blue moon. It’s a comprehensive service that helps you assess different technology-centred strategies, inspiring you to align these strategies with your business goals and processes.

If you’re a business owner or manager navigating the next stage of your growth, having and experienced IT consultant act as your virtual CTO and/or CIO will be instrumental in making the right decisions with your technology. Most companies up to 200 staff members can harness a vast majority of the benefits of having an in house, high level CTO without having to spend a full time salary by engaging Inspired IT’s managed IT services and IT consulting services. 


Supporting and inspiring companies to scale. 

Our Perth IT consultants seamlessly and strategically assess, formulate, advise and implement the IT architecture that will work hard to empower your business operations. We get that everybody isn’t a tech expert – that’s what we’re here for. High level IT in plain English. Tech advice you can understand and implement. All from the Perth IT consultants and tech team your business can trust to support your growth.  Learn the latest emerging technologies with dedicated IT consulting and then sit back and see how implementation of these IT services optimises your efficiency.

Our IT consulting services:

Strategic planning: Where we get to know your business needs. We enable you to assess your needs and formulate an IT system that really works.

Architecture planning: This IT consulting service blends strategic planning and awareness of the latest and greatest emerging technologies to build a logical, streamlined infrastructure to meet your unique needs. 

Operational assessment: This is where we go back to the drawing board, assessing the operational efficiency and capacity of your entire business IT environment.

Implementation: These consulting services advise on testing and rollouts of new solution deployments. You can continuously count on one of our Perth IT consultants for all the advice and support for your important business technology requirements.

An in-house, high level CTO and CIO for a fraction of the cost!

At Inspired IT, we make implementing a Virtual Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) simple. 

What’s the benefits of a Virtual CIO and Virtual CTO anyway?

  • Enables growing companies to create scalable business operations.
  • A cost-effective alternative to onboarding your own, full-time staff member.
  • Expert assessments, tailored industry-leading advice and exceptional IT solutions.
  • Collaboration and communication along every step and across every platform.

When you choose Inspired IT for Perth IT consulting services, you and your business will get more than just advice, you will receive inspired knowledge, innovative concepts and tailored strategies to see your business flourish in its own industry.

For a fraction of the price of hiring your own technical or information officer, your Perth IT consultant will work just as hard (likely even harder) to produce results.



Your business will have an experienced and reliable single point of contact for all your IT needs.


You won't have to go anywhere else because we’re highly capable, local and grow with your business.


Your staff and team will be supported by us and never be overwhelmed by technology change.


You'll become effortlessly more profitable through time saving efficiency increases and proactive support.


You will always have the best IT technology to ensure your business stays competitive and innovative.


You'll be able to call us for small support tasks right through to large IT projects.


Our dedicated and proactive IT professionals will form a long-term relationship with you and your team so they can deliver the best possible service.