Hide notification previews on Microsoft Teams mobile apps to protect sensitive data

You can now keep organizational data confidential on Teams iOS and Android apps lock screens by blocking data from appearing in notification previews.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 66744.

When this will happen

This feature is available on Teams iOS (v. 2.0.22) and Android (v. apps.


How this will affect your organization


Admins will be able to block organizational data from appearing in Teams mobile notifications (e.g. message preview, channel, or sender name) on both iOS and Android end-user lock screens by enabling the Intune Application Protection Policy (APP) setting Org data notifications with a value of Block org Data.

Outlook for iOS and Android already support this Intune APP setting and protect sensitive data in notifications.

Notifications with unblocked and blocked data
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What you need to do to prepare


This new policy setting, Org data notifications is available in Intune with a default value of Allow.
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To hide notification previews for Teams mobile apps, admins need to change the value of Intune APP to Block org data.

Note: tenants that have the setting Org data notifications configured with a value of Block org Data where APP includes Teams do not need to take additional action.

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