Microsoft Forms introduces a responder progress bar

Microsoft Forms will now show responders a progress bar on multi-page (multi-section) forms and quizzes if the forms owner enables the feature.

This feature is associated with Roadmap ID 67120.

When this will happen
Rollout will begin mid-September and is expected to be complete by the end of September 2020.


How this will affect your organization


The progress bar improves usability by providing responders with a visual indicator of their status within the survey, e.g. “Page 1 of 3”.
Progress bar


What you need to do to prepare


You may want to update your internal guidance/help documentation if appropriate.

  • This feature is off by default on new forms and quizzes. Form owners can choose to enable/disable this optional setting.
  • Forms and quizzes at rollout will have the progress bar setting enabled. The progress bar feature is only shown on multi-page forms and can be easily disabled by the form owner in the settings pane for that form/quiz.