Move files and easily keep sharing

When your end users move a file from OneDrive to a SharePoint site collection, or from a SharePoint site collection to a OneDrive, or from a SharePoint site collection to another SharePoint site collection, they will have the option to easily continue sharing the file with their collaborators at the new destination.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 65907.

When this will happen

  • We will begin rolling this out to production in mid-August and expect to complete that rollout by early September.
  • We expect to complete rollout to all environments by the end of September.


How this will affect your organization


Move and keep sharing is a new feature that allows your end users to easily re-share a file with all the direct collaborators (e.g., the users who had previously received a share for that file) should it be moved.

If an end user chooses to do so, we will provide direct collaborators with the new link or with direct permissions that match those that they had at the source location. We will also send collaborators an e-mail that notifies them that the file has been moved should the owner reshare the file location.

When your users move files across site collection boundaries, they will see this new option. It is unchecked by default.
New sharing option


What you need to do to prepare


Consider updating your end user training and documentation. Learn more: