New Feature: Inline Chat message translation for iOS

Inline chat message translation lets users translate Teams mobile chat messages into the language they choose. This feature is rolling out first for iOS; we will send a separate message when we have the schedule for Android.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 63227.

When this will happen

  • The updated iOS app will be released to the store in late June 2020.
  • We anticipate that the rollout will be complete by mid-July.
How this affects your organization

When using the Teams mobile iOS app, users who receive a chat message in another language can choose to translate that chat message into the language they have set in Settings > General > Translation.
Set language

To translate a chat message, press-and-hold the message to see the translation option.
Trigger translation

What you need to do to prepare
For your end users to have the benefit of inline chat message translation, you must enable the feature. There are two ways to do this.

1. Enable this setting using the Set-CsTeamsMessagingPolicy cmdlet.


Determines whether a user is allowed to translate messages to their client languages. Set this to TRUE to allow. Set this to FALSE to prohibit.

The policy takes a few minutes to apply. Users might need to sign out and sign back in to Teams.

2. In the Microsoft Teams admin center, select Messaging Policies from the left navigation, then either create a new policy or edit an existing policy, and set the Allow users to translate messages option to On.