At Inspired IT, we’re thrilled to launch our Cyber-as-a-Service packages designed to protect businesses amidst the ongoing rise in the frequency and sophistication of cyber incidents. 

 Cyber threats are always a looming danger. They can happen to any business, at any time,” notes Matt Seeds, Managing Director at Inspired IT.  

 But the risk goes down when a business continually improves their cyber security posture. So, what we want for our clients is protection that keeps maturing up to level 2 or 3 depending on the size of the organisation. Once they reach the level they require businesses won’t have to worry as much about a phishing attack or other data breaches. 

What is Cyber-As-A-Service? 

Cyber-as-a-Service (CaaS) or Cybersecurity-as-a-service (CSaaS) is a cloud-based, managed cyber protection service. It is meant to align your business with the Essential 8 in order to keep your data, systems, and networks safe from cyber threats. Here’s a great beginners guide to the Essential 8.  

How Your Business Can Benefit from CaaS 

One great thing about CaaS is getting the best security possible for your business, without the hassle and cost of hiring your own IT staff. You will have a team of experts to guide you through your cyber security maturity journey, plus the following advantages: 

  • COST SAVINGS: Our CaaS can reduce downtime due to IT systems failure and save you from investing in unexpected data recovery measures. Become proactive with your cyber security with this all-inclusive solution and only pay for what you need. 
  • PEACE OF MIND: Focus on running your business, knowing that security specialists are managing your cyber security using the latest technology and best practices.  
  • COMPLIANCE: Your CaaS packages ensure you are compliant with the Australian recommended guidelines, the Essential 8, to help mitigate your cyber risks. 
  • TRUST & REPUTATION: When people know that cyber security is your top priority, they will trust you’ve taken all the necessary steps to protect your clients’ information. On the contrary, downtime and loss of data can have devastating impact on your reputation and customer trust. 
  • BUSINESS GROWTH: You can leverage the power of CaaS to improve your productivity and efficiency. A strong cyber security strategy will encourage innovation, increase customer loyalty and could give you a competitive advantage.  


Cyber-As-A-Service, the Inspired IT Way 

Inspired IT’s commitment to help businesses succeed is a strong driver in delivering IT solutions to them. This is true with their cyber security offering in Perth or anywhere else in WA, and with their other services. 

 According to Matt, “We treat our clients’ businesses, time, and money as if it was our own. It’s a shame to see some businesses, before coming to us, who are wasting precious resources on cyber security services that don’t fit or solutions they don’t need. 

 This is why Inspired IT prioritises the values that guide us in helping every client move up the cyber maturity ladder: 

  • Collaboration 
  • Communication 
  • High-quality service 
  • Continuous learning and adaptation 
  • Doing the right thing 


Our CaaS Packages & Process 

Cyber-as-a-Service comes in four packages, each intended to help a business move to their required maturity level of the Essential Eight: 

  • Essential 8 Top 4 
  • Level 1 Secure 
  • Level 2 Secure 
  • Level 3 Secure 

 (Details are available in our Cyber-As-A-Service flyer.) 

To achieve this, we will first jump on a free initial consultation call. A site assessment is later done at the client’s premises, plus an audit of all existing IT infrastructure. With a complete grasp of what the business would require, Inspired IT recommends the CaaS package that is the most suited to your needs. 

Once clients start working with us, they’re usually here for the long run! Inspired IT is keen on building long-term relationships so we can support security needs all the way. 


Protecting Your Business is Our Business 

Cyber security is a never-ending journey, with unexpected twists and turns,” according to Matt. “But you can enjoy the ride knowing you’re in good hands with our cyber security crew. Our team will help make your business journey as smooth as possible so you can keep moving forward. 

 Inspired IT is ready to partner with you and help you protect your business, your people, and your reputation with our Cyber-as-a-Service.  

 If you wish to explore your options, click below to download our datasheet.