Announcing general availability of mandatory labeling policy in Office apps

Microsoft Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) will soon support the enforcement of the Microsoft Information Protection policy setting, Require users to apply a label, before they can save documents or send emails. This feature is supported on all platforms (Windows/Mac/iOS/Android/Web) for Outlook and all platforms except the web for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Support for mandatory labeling on the web for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will be available early 2021.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 68873.


When this will happen


Rollout will begin in late December and is expected to be complete by mid-January.


How this will affect your organization


The following enhancements will soon be available to your organization:

  • Office apps will enforce the existing policy setting to ‘Require users to apply a label to their emails or documents’ in the Microsoft 365 compliance center under Information protection > Label policies.
  • Office apps will display a new dialog to enforce users to select a label before they can save unlabeled documents or send mail.


What you need to do to prepare


This feature will not be enabled by default.

  • Admins must enable the policy setting Require users to apply a label to their emails or documents in the Microsoft 365 compliance center (Information protection > Label policies).
  • For admins that already have this policy enabled in their tenant, this feature will be enabled as soon rollout is completed.

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