New Permissions management page in Microsoft 365 compliance center

You will soon see a new Permissions landing page within the Microsoft 365 compliance center from which admins will be able to view and assign user roles and create and modify custom role groups, activities currently managed within the legacy Office 365 Security & Compliance Center.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 72239

When this will happen:

Rollout will begin in late May and is expected to be complete by the end of June.

How this will affect your organization:

Previously, admins needed to visit the legacy Security & Compliance Center to configure compliance center permissions (i.e. add a user to a role; create, delete, or modify custom role groups). With this update, admins will be able to complete permissions-related tasks directly within the Microsoft 365 compliance center.

From the new Permissions landing page, you can click on Azure AD roles to see which Azure roles are currently available for Microsoft 365 compliance center, and which users are assigned to what roles.

Clicking on Compliance center roles will allow you to create, modify, or delete roles in the same way that is possible within the legacy portal.
Azure AD Roles
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The legacy permissions experience will continue to be available until the Security & Compliance Center is retired. Admins are encouraged to transition to the new Microsoft 365 compliance center permissions workflow experience as soon as it becomes available for you.
Compliance Center Roles
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What you need to do to prepare:

To update permissions, you must be a global administrator or assigned the Role Management role (a role assigned only to the Organization Management role group).

You can access the new Permissions landing page by visiting the Microsoft 365 compliance center and selecting Permissions from the left navigation.