Outlook for Windows Introduces Roaming Signatures

Outlook for Windows is introducing e-mail signatures that will be stored in the cloud rather than being stored locally on the user’s Windows device.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 60371

When this will happen

  • We will begin rolling this out to Microsoft 365 Monthly Channel, Targeted, in late July. (This is Insiders Slow Channel which will soon be called Microsoft Beta.)
  • We expect to roll this out to the Monthly Channel, Production, in late August.
How this will affect your organization

The feature is on by default.

Traditionally, signatures were stored locally on a user’s Windows device. With this feature, signatures will now be associated with an email account.

Signatures will be stored in the user mailbox and will be available on any devices running Outlook for Windows that has been configured with that email account.

When the feature becomes available, Outlook will read the existing local signatures. Outlook will copy signatures selected as default for New messages or Replies/forwards to the account mailbox, making them available across multiple devices.

What you need to do to prepare

The feature is on by default.

Because this new feature is changing how Outlook manages signatures stored on a local drive, third-party add-ins which provided this functionality will no longer work when this feature is enabled. Learn how to mitigate this for your users.