Working remotely is more popular than ever before, especially with Covid-19 at play, but with this comes the need for a water-tight security system to keep your data safe from unwanted intruders. Thankfully, Microsoft 365 users can implement a stringent set of security measures which operate like a CCTV set up with an integrated alarm system, to ensure no outsiders can infiltrate your business.

Inspired IT recommends the following measures to protect your IT set up within Microsoft 365.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) creates an alert each time a user tries to login and without a code no one can infiltrate the platform. Employees might use a password that’s easy to guess and, in this instance, MFA adds an important security layer that’s hard to penetrate.

File Encryption provides security because if a device is stolen the data available will not be able to be read by a hacker. Within Microsoft 365 E3 and Microsoft Business Premium license holders and those above that level, there are encryption features available which will scramble your data effectively.

Azure ADF Content users can create an on-prem password which will be applied by Microsoft 365 once synchronised. 

Deactivate Email Forwarding to outsidersby disablingemail forwarding options to all outside domains. This removes the opportunity for hackers to use the data within a private email and steal its secure content. This simple implementation of a mail flow rule ensures your company’s data is only accessed by those it was intended for.

Secure Forwarding Settings by enabling notification alerts each time there is a change in your email forwarding settings. This will notify you of any potential breaches of security as the alerts log a record of all activity and or alterations to the current settings you have created.

Apply a Sender Policy Framework to stopoutsiders infiltrating your business domain and sending emails. This framework prevents anyone else from sending emails from your business while disguised as an authorised user. Equally DomainKeys Identified Mail is another email authentication tool to ensure your business emails remain secure.

Effective Threat Protection forms part of the Microsoft 365 Business Premium package and it helps identify and block suspicious files in Microsoft Team sites, document libraries, and chats. We highly recommend this security measure when large volumes of information are being shared as malicious content is often difficult to spot, especially when working under pressure.

Mailbox Auditing is a useful application that allows businesses to track all activity within employees’ mailboxes and identify any suspicious activity.

Data Loss Protection is vital for any business to prevent private and personal identifying information being shared. Exchange creates an immediate alert pinpointing the security threat to prevent it from being sent outside of the organisation.

SharePoint Safety Restrictions allows business owners to limit access to only those users within the company, even when an outsider has the link. This security measure gives business owners and or managers complete control over your shared documents and who can view them. 

Mailbox Permission Change Notifications is highly effective because even the slightest change to email box permissions will be flagged and logged, thus all content remains secure.

Company Branded Sign Ins. Adding your company branding to your sign in page can be effective as a visual alert because when you and your team sign into Microsoft 365 it appears with your company branding and not the generic 365 branding. Train your team to only enter passwords when they see this company branding in place to avoid logging into a fake account.  

At Inspired IT we are passionate about keeping our clients’ data safe and ensuring it remains firmly in the hands of its owners. Data leaks and security breaches can be hazardous and highly damaging to a business.

Microsoft 365 is designed to create a secure and impenetrable vault for your data, so it is simply a case of identifying the locks available to ensure it is always secure.

Contact us today if you’d like to discuss your existing security measures and to talk about the options available to keep your data safe 24/7.