Just as technology continues to change the way we live our lives in general, the world of home security is also affected by technological progress. Innovations that once would have seemed like the stuff of sci-fi movies now exist to help bolster home security and provide homeowners with greater piece of mind. These five technological advances, in particular, have changed the home security landscape.

Remote Monitoring

Thanks to remote monitoring, you can now keep an eye on your home or business even if you’re halfway around the world. Cutting-edge monitoring systems can send you real-time picture and video of any room in your home or business, and many newer systems enable you to send intrusion or fire alerts to authorities and arm or disarm your security system remotely.

Smart Door Locks

Based on a Bluetooth or wi-fi connection, smart door locks can perceive your presence automatically based on the proximity of your key fob or smartphone to unlock your doors for you. Higher-end smart door locks can also communicate with your home’s automated systems to help regulate them; for example, an intelligent door lock can have your smart thermostat enter its energy saving mode when you’re away from home. One important note: because wi-fi smart locks are as susceptible to security breaches as any other Internet-connected device, Bluetooth smart locks are more secure, although they offer fewer features.

Home Sensors

Based on motion detection, home sensors can detect the presence of visitors wanted and unwanted, and can both alerts you to intruders and open your doors for you. For security, you can set up home sensor kits in your hallways and near doorways; when armed, these motion-activated systems will send alerts to your smartphone or tablet via e-mail or text, letting you know right away if you’re the target of an attempted break-in. For further deterrence, many home sensor systems come equipped with sirens to scare off would-be burglars.

Fingerprint Scanners

Taking a page directly from sci-fi classics, fingerprint scanning is becoming increasingly available in a myriad of devices. Many smartphones now can be locked with fingerprint credentials, and home security technology is quickly following suit. Fingerprint door locks have been growing in popularity as of late; compared to Bluetooth or wi-fi smart locks, locks that rely on fingerprints to unlock add some extra security from potential hackers.

Smart Garage Systems

Similar to smart door locks, garages also have the ability to be controlled and protected through smart locking technology. These systems work by connecting a network adapter to your home’s router; once registered, this adapter will allow you to control your garage door directly from your smartphone. This technology makes it easier to keep those out who shouldn’t have access to your home while letting you let children or service providers into your home when you’re away.

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