Inspired IT is a team of dedicated Australian IT professionals that has been providing reliable cloud-based storage solutions since 2005. Each member of the Inspired IT team is an expert in our chosen field. Which is why we choose our partners carefully. We want to work with providers that are on our level, and Probax is most definitely on our level.


The Probax Mission is to offer the fastest, most powerful, stable, intuitive, and affordable replication and monitoring tool to Australian IT providers. Inspired IT’s Vendor & Technology alliances are the best in the business, and their services are easily integrated into the Probax Platform. Whether your backup solution of choice is ShadowProtect, Veeam, a NAS device, or our own FilePlus File Backup tool, as a Managed Service Provider we understand that your backup is a critical part of your service portfolio. But that doesn’t mean it needs to take up more than its fair share of time, money, and effort to maintain.

Probax Control allows these technologies to replicate to and communicate with the Probax Platform, where we can apply intelligent monitoring, reporting, alerting, and recovery options for you – from one central location!

This is our vision for cloud backup; the ability to have one staff member sit down at a their desk, login to Probax Control, and know at a glance the state of all user backups. No matter how many users, the size and type of your computing environment, or your chosen backup technology, it’s all there on one screen and easily assessed by the Probax traffic light system, with incredibly detailed information available at the click of a mouse. Simple, straightforward, and reliable.

The Inspired IT team is a competitive bunch. We believe we’re the best backup protection solution you can find, and having a partner like Probax goes a long way towards backing up that claim.

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