In line with Microsoft’s consistent global pricing goal, the company will be updating software prices in Australia and other locations starting 01 September 2023.

According to Microsoft, the pricing updates are part of a “defined and transparent cadence to its existing process of aligning Microsoft Cloud pricing globally to U.S. dollar levels.”

The price changes will be as follows, according to currency:

Currency % Change (Cloud Software) % Change (OnPrem Software)
Australian Dollar (AUD) +9% +9%
New Zealand Dollar (NZD) +7% None
Canadian Dollar +6% +6%
Swiss Franc -9% None

Affected Microsoft customers

You will be affected if you are both of the following:

  • Purchasing any Microsoft software using the above currencies, including Microsoft 365 Business Premium or Enterprise
  • Purchasing under the following commercial licences:
    • Enterprise Agreement (Commercial, Government, and Enrolment for Education Solutions)
    • Microsoft Customer Agreement for enterprise (MCA-E; seat-based offers only)
    • CSP with MCA (seat-based offers only – Commercial, Government, and Education Solutions)
    • Legacy CSP Open Value (Commercial, Government, and Education Solutions)
    • Open Value Subscription (Commercial, Government, and Education Solutions)
    • Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA; Commercial, Government and Academic)
    • Microsoft Online Services Portal (MOSP)
    • MCA Online
    • Select Plus

Customers who are not affected

There will be no price changes for the customers who:

  • Will purchase Azure through the Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) – Azure is priced in US dollars worldwide. Customers, however, are billed in local currency based on published rates on (local currency calculations are done monthly).
  • Are business customers with existing orders under commercial licensing agreements, for products with price protection (not including new product additions, new purchase contracts, upgrades, and renewals)
  • Will purchase Microsoft hardware, consumer software, and consumer cloud services

How Microsoft price assessments work

Microsoft conducts pricelist assessments for software and online services across regions. These are based on currency changes and factors like inflation, major economic events, and business conditions. Therefore, local currency prices can either go up or down.

The price adjustments will be done every 01 February and 01 September of each year. Microsoft will provide at least 30 days advanced notice as much as possible.

More info about Microsoft 365 and pricing changes

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