Inspired IT took 9 News through our offices to show just why moving to a shared space was the right choice for our business.

Finding a piece of real estate that is functional, conveniently located, and affordable is a major challenge for any business, but even more so when you’re just starting out. It’s the reason many small business owners choose to get their operations off of the ground by basing them out of their own basement or garage. Now more and more, businesses are moving into shared office spaces to cut costs, a trend that’s been growing steadily over the past few years.

9 News recently ran a short segment on this trend and spoke with Inspired IT’s founder Matt Seeds to gain some insight as to why shared office space is so popular with smaller businesses. Inspired IT got its start in Matt Seeds’ home a year and a half ago, and when growth demanded more space, we moved operations to our current address, renting new cubicles on a per-employee basis. Now, we can continue to grow at our own pace, adjusting the size of our workspace as needed.

Inspired IT shares the space with numerous other tech startups, and as soon as we moved in, Matt and his team knew it was a perfect fit for the business. The team is able to make use of the gorgeous and sprawling office, working from both private offices and communal spaces and interacting with other technology-minded individuals throughout the day. Everything about their shared space experience has been fantastic.

Shared Space Statistics Show This Approach To The Office Isn’t Going Anywhere

The shared space boom is taking hold around the globe and has seen more than 3 million employees in the US transition into working from these spaces. While this trend is fairly new in Australia, it’s catching on quick as more and more ambitious individuals start up their own small businesses and take on freelance work – neither of which rely on a traditional static office space to be successful. In fact, there has been an estimated 63% increase in co-working in the Perth area alone in the last year with as much a 20% of available segregated office spaces being left unoccupied.

It makes sense from a business owner’s perspective to take full advantage of a business model that allows for lower real estate costs and increased ease of scalability, but what is it about these shared spaces that employees seem so taken with? The answer is a simple one – a fun and exciting workspace is a big draw for new workers. Business owners looking to bring in new talent need to be able to offer an interesting work environment to stand out from the crowd and make themselves a more appealing choice.

Most importantly, if employees are happy to come into the office each day, that excitement shows through in their work and directly benefits both the business and the clients. Creating an environment that allows for employees to thrive and take enjoyment in every aspect of their workday boost productivity and profitability, and builds a reputation among clients and prospective clients that will continue to draw in new business.

Inspired IT has seen all of the numerous benefits shared space offers first-hand since making the transition ourselves, and we’re quite happy to keep building our operations one cubicle at a time. There’s no pressure to fill empty offices with employees that might not be the best fit for our team in order to get the most out of our rental fees, and no reason to worry about relocating when new staff members do come onboard.

Every day our team gets to come to work in a space that makes sitting down to collaborate on client projects easy and comfortable, and by not finding ourselves trapped in cramped and boring offices, it allows us to get creative in our approach to technology. We’re in a space that not only reflects the personalities of our team members but embodies the tech industry as a whole. Technology is at its core all about taking advantage of our ability to connect, collaborate, and share ideas in order to make the world we live in a better place. The fact that our shared space offers us many of the advantages we strive to provide to our clients is a wonderful bonus.

After all, what better way to keep pushing technology in all its many applications and forms forward than to set up our IT support company in a place that constantly changes and offers us something new to learn from?

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