Following Microsoft announcement of the new Windows 365 Service on 2nd August. Inspired IT is pleased to announce it will be offering Windows 365 to our customers, which is essentially a streamed version of Windows-10, or when it is available, Windows-11, via a virtual PC. Employees can control it via the keyboard, mouse, or microphone of whichever device they are currently using. The device becomes a virtual desktop through which Windows 365 is operated, and the primary point of difference is that all the information is passed through the internet as opposed to your business’s network.

This innovation is a work in progress and Microsoft plans to evolve Windows 365 to elaborate, expand and improve the service to ensure customers experiences are continually enhanced. Each Cloud PC will have access to a fast internet connection, with download speeds of 10Gbps and upload speeds of 4Gbps.  For staff to be able to experience the full benefits of Windows 365, establishing a connection through an existing Windows PC will provide the best experience.

Inspired IT is committed to providing its clients with the ultimate computing experience and with an ever-increasing reliance on the Cloud for storing and transmitting data, we like Windows 365 because it is the perfect complement. When we look back at the early days of computers, with their huge, highly expensive and now comparatively ultra-slow terminals, we can appreciate just how efficient and minimalist Windows 365 and its virtual technology really is.  

Pricewise there are many options for Microsoft’s new service, which was released on 2 August, with a whole range of options to suit any budget, per user, in addition to eleven other pricing options offering an increased RAM and storage. Customers can select from Business and Enterprise packages, with the former being able to manage everything online via, with no need for a licence and the capacity for up to 300 users. Alternatively, business owners can select the Enterprise tier, which does not pose a limit on the number of users. Instead, companies can build on pre-existing licences and utilise Microsoft Endpoint Manager data security software.

Inspired IT likes the “instant boot” aspect Windows 365 offers its users. It is an especially good service because it allows users to pick up exactly where they left off. The state of your Cloud PC remains unchanged, even when you are switching between various devices which helps increase efficiency and productivity.

The global pandemic Covid-19 created has left employees wanting even more flexible options when working remotely according to Work Trend Index research. At the same time, the need for a higher level of collaboration is required as more and more data is being exchanged online. With staff working from home, on the move or from the office, confusion could easily reign without a smooth exchange of data, which Windows 355 makes easy through its permanently online status.

The concept of a committed team of staff working busily together in the office, where they can liaise and operate cohesively is an image of the past for many businesses today. Bring in a series of different devices and additional static and mobile staff, and we can see why Windows 365, with its “live” Cloud-based position, permits far greater ease of working collaboratively.

Whether your company requires seasonal workers for bigger projects or specialised staff that are brought in temporarily for a specialised “one-off” venture, this new Microsoft service will help ensure everything runs smoothly and that all staff are on the same page, thanks to Windows 365.