Every seven minutes, someone reported a cybercrime to the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) during the financial year 2021-2022. On average, each report cost $64,000 in losses. 

Cybercriminals are on overdrive. The ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report (July 2021 to June 2022) noted that: 

  • cybercrimes are increasing,  
  • cybercrime methodologies are evolving, and  
  • Australian small businesses and individuals are a primary target. 

Professional services firms are not exempt and must protect against such attacks. Does your business already have a security strategy? Do you need professional help with improving cyber security? Here are five signs that you do: 

Sign #1. You use outdated software and systems.

If you’re wondering whether your business is using obsolete technology, then you probably are. Lagging web browser loading times and hung applications are also signs of using software and systems that are out-of-date. 

Using outdated tech solutions could result in losses in terms of productivity, revenues, and even staff. Moreso, organisations using them are easy targets for malicious software. Old software versions lack the latest security features and compatibility with newer systems, increasing the risk of security breaches.  

Sign #2. You have unpatched vulnerabilities.

Outdated software and systems breed another problem: unpatched vulnerabilities. Old software versions may no longer be supported by the software vendor, meaning that security issues and vulnerabilities may go unpatched. 

Unpatched vulnerabilities in your system can be exploited by attackers to gain unauthorised access to your sensitive information.

Sign #3. You do not have a comprehensive security plan.

Cyber-attack prevention starts with a comprehensive information security plan. In simple terms, such a plan should define: 

  • What needs protecting 
  • What the threats are 
  • How the different aspects of your business will be protected 

Until your business adopts an IT security plan, you are risking: 

  • Security breaches 
  • Compliance violations 
  • Loss of sensitive information 
  • Business interruption 
  • Financial loss 

A Perth-based cyber security expert can help professional service businesses to formulate a security plan. 

Sign #4. You repeatedly experience security breaches or cyber-attacks. 

Frequent data or network breaches and multiple cyber-attack incidents in your company are definite proof that you need help.  One breach alone can cause: 

  • Financial breakdown or revenue loss 
  • Brand reputation damage 
  • Intellectual data loss 
  • Regulatory fines, legal fees, and related costs 

Multiply those by the number of cyber-attacks you experience, and it can spell doom for your business. 

Sign #5. Your employees are not aware of fundamental security practices. 

Staff who lack basic knowledge of information security can unwittingly cause security breaches. They are prone to expose sensitive data through phishing scams or weak passwords.  

Lack of security awareness are easy pickings for cyber-attacks. It can lead to the spread of malware, data theft, and other malicious activities within your organisation.  

Information security training belongs at the top of your urgent and important list. Train your staff to use strong passwords and avoid opening suspicious emails. Make sure they understand their role in protecting sensitive information and systems. 

Get help to prepare, protect, and promptly respond 

The lack of cybersecurity measures can bring great damage, so businesses are now preparing better for cybercrime and cyberattacks. Business Daily reported that: 

  • 44% of businesses are fast-tracking their digital transformation. 
  • 36% of businesses are looking towards improving their IT and system operations. 
  • 27% are developing recovery plans to prepare for other scenarios. 

What about your business? Are you ready to beef up your cybersecurity? How can a cybersecurity provider help you prepare for cyber threats?  

Cyber security services in Perth 

A local IT expert in Perth such as Inspired IT can provide you with: 

  • Cyber Security Preparation – This is a key step to preventing data theft and cybercrimes. 
  • Cyber Security Protection – Securing your business data is a must for a professional service business.
  • Cyber Security Response – A timely response is key to mitigating risks, effectively responding to, and minimising damage from a cyber-attack. 

At Inspired IT, we believe every business should be secure. That’s why we include a Security Operations Centre within our Managed IT Services agreements, allowing you to focus on running your business. To enquire about our Managed IT and cyber security services, book a free consultation with us today.