At Inspired IT we value our relationship with our clients and strive to continually improve on our service, which is why we have recently brought in a new Client Relations Manager. Marith Roelofs is the voice of our clients within our business, so while our technical team are busy focused on the tasks at hand, she is free to dedicate her time to ensuring that you as our client get the best possible standard of service.  

Marith is fully trained and highly experienced in creating a proactive client relationship to ensure

you are kept well informed throughout your journey. She is our “go to” person when a client has an initial query and can escalate urgent matters when time is critical. We created this role because we recognise how essential an efficient IT system is within a business. Even minor glitches in the network can jeopardise efficiency, so we have made Marith our primary point of contact. This way she can ensure essential IT services are maintained to our high standards. 

Our Client Relations Manager is also there to help identify any gaps within clients’ businesses and can liaise with our expert technical team to discuss suitable options to address these and then feed the options back to clients to find the ideal solution. Marith is always working to add value for our existing clients so you get the best possible value out of our service. This is why she schedules monthly conversations to ensure there are no outstanding or reoccurring issues.

Inspired IT is dedicated to client satisfaction and our contractual requirements to our customers are as important to us as they are to you. Marith monitors these commitments as well as managing all projects. She takes the steps needed to improve the overall experience for our clients and when necessary adapts the project to better meet the existing and future needs. There are plenty of occasions when a current contract needs to be upgraded or adapted to meet the changing requirements of a business.

Our clients do not always want an in-depth technical explanation of the change to their service so Marith liaises with our team of IT technicians to talk through options.  As our Client Relations Manager she has adopted the role of IT translator, to talk through what these changes mean for you and your business using language you are familiar with. The IT world can seem an unfathomable maze to business owners which is why she is trained to explain the options clearly. Your IT experience with us is not a static one and just as your business expands and evolves, so does the service we offer you. 

Inspired IT’s team will continue to develop and adapt to enhance customer experience and ensure your business has the an efficient IT system in place. It does not take much in the way of a technical problem to bring a business to a temporary halt or to impact negatively on productivity.  Thanks to our Marith, our latest addition, she can quickly step in to troubleshoot any issues and act as the go between so our technicians are straight onto the case.

At Inspired IT we take the stress out of technical issues so you as a business owner are free to do what you do best, which is run your company and achieve optimal services to your own clients.