Inspired IT has sponsored a prestigious Perth Awards event which recognises the outstanding contribution made by women to the traditionally male dominated technical industry. 

The Women in Technology WA Tech [+] Awards held at Optus Stadium on 30 October featured 167 brilliant, tech savvy nominees whose incredible talent was celebrated at the function. Twenty gifted women who have excelled in this area were presented with awards at the stadium, which was lit up in purple to shine a light on their incredible success.

There were additional trophies presented to Carla Boehl as People’s Choice, Suzannah Moss-Wright for the Outstanding Regional Role Model award, Ashlee Culmsee as the Outstanding Youth Role Model and Paola Magni won the award for the First Among Equals.

We sponsored this event because we are determined to help break down gender bias and support local women and young girls so they’re not be held back by the backward thinking notion that to be a IT expert you must be male. When it comes to the ability to excel in the field of technology, we recognise gender is completely irrelevant and men are not genetically equipped to outshine their female counterparts. It takes hard word and determination regardless of the sex of the individual and we know women are just as able to perform well in the world of technology as men. 

Our very own Client Relations Manager, Marith Roelofs, has proved to us just how technically capable women are and our gender equality policy meant she was chosen for the role simply because she was the very best person for the job.

Backing the Tech [+] Awards was important to us at Inspired IT because our current and future success as a forward moving IT Services business, is entirely dependent on having highly capable team members. Marith proved to us very early on she is an expert in her specialist area and her ability to translate high tech issues into simple language that’s easy for our clients to understand, is testimony to her knowledge of complex IT solutions. 

Putting our money where our mouth is by sponsoring the awards event was a small step for us to show how Inspired IT’s committed to supporting women in their career in technology. High gender diversity businesses tend to have higher profit margins, so by getting more females on board, a company can gain the advantage over their competitors.

Men and women often think differently but both contribute something unique to a company. Having the two sexes working side by side encourages team members to work more cooperatively to reach an agreement and women have been proven to help create a more balanced work environment with a higher level of empathy and support.

This awards event was a celebration of female tech leaders in WA and it was designed to encourage both women and aspiring teenagers to have the confidence to pursue their career dreams in this traditionally male dominated field. It’s good to have a diverse workforce where either gender can use their talent in the field of technology, as well as setting a good example to the industry and we’re proud to be able to be a part of the process that helps evens out the imbalance.

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