Breaches happen every day however this is the first time we have seen one of this mangnitude and is being labelled the “Collection #1” data breach. This breach includes: 772, 904, 991 unique email addresses, over 21 million unique passwords that were recently posted to a hacking forum.

The data set was first reported by Troy Hunt who runs and maintains the website Have I Been Pwned, if you are unfamiliar with that site its a way to search whether your own email or password has been compromised.

The good thing about this data breach going public is that you can find out if your email and password were among the impacted accounts. These have already been loaded onto the site, you just have to enter in your email address and hope 🙂

Data breaches like this should not be taken likely, most people work with very similar passwords across a mutiple of accounts so it leaves you very vulvernalbe.

Multi factor Authentication is certainly a good step as is investing in a password manager so that you use unique passwords per account you have. 2019 will be a big year as these things continue to happen as we move more and more to a digital world.

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