In 2020 the world of business IT changed dramatically and permanently.

Business technology today is far more complex than it was only a couple of years ago and it’s becoming more and more so every day. It is changing at an alarming rate and that is set to continue well into the future.

Modern businesses have never been more reliant on IT than they are today, not only to survive in an ever more competitive marketplace, but to thrive, to evolve, and to grow.

The future for business IT systems is already seeing increasing adoption of hybrid cloud, in addition to the many public and private cloud services available.

Software as a Service products are growing at a truly alarming rate and businesses all over the world are increasingly aware of the business productivity benefits, they can bring.

And therein lies the potential pitfall.

With huge advancements in technology comes the need for advanced technical skills, to identify, research, purchase, configure, manage and support these new systems.

If your business already has those advanced skills in-house, you’re very fortunate. But the vast majority of small and medium businesses don’t have that luxury, and that’s where the value of a professional Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) becomes a necessity.


MSPs are experts in all aspects of business IT. They have invested huge amounts of cash in training and certification and typically have larger teams of expert technologists.

They are there to advise you on what technologies are best suited for your business. And they will ensure that it is professionally configured and managed, backed up and supported.

They provide you with all the advanced technical expertise, that only enterprise businesses can afford to have in-house.

Outsourcing your business IT requirements to an MSP will actually save cost in the long run, helping you to utilise your internal resources more effectively.

And in a world where IT is changing and developing so rapidly, MSPs have more resources to devote to your business, keeping you appraised of valuable emerging technologies.

A good MSP will guide you and your business through technology challenges and changes that would be daunting without them.


MSPs as the name suggests, provide a one-stop-shop for all your technology needs.

  • Hardware supply and configuration to desk
  • Network infrastructure services
  • Cybersecurity and data protection
  • Compliance
  • Data backup
  • Disaster recovery & business continuity
  • Cloud services adoption
  • 24/7/365 Network monitoring and management
  • Expert technical support with full remote access for speed of resolution.
  • Professional technical account management
  • IT Consulting
  • Technical Project Management
  • Internet connectivity (broadband, leased lines, MPLS and more)
  • VoIP telephony (often saving considerable costs over traditional PBX systems)

And don’t forget, the MSPs team, are first and foremost, business people. They understand the importance of technology to you and your business. They get business.


Outsourcing your IT management to an MSP does not mean relinquishing operational control. You are still in charge, only now, you have the support and backup of a team of technology experts.

They take on the responsibility for the time consuming and often repetitive tasks involved.

The benefits of outsourcing many of your IT operations to an expert MSP are numerous and can usually drive cost savings.

And if it makes budgeting simpler, doesn’t it make sense to add them to your list of professional advisers, alongside your accountant and lawyer, and not just as an item on your Profit & Loss statement. Recognise the expertise and the value they deliver and build that relationship.

Finally, and reassuringly, MSPs typically have best in class software monitoring and remote management tools that provide greater visibility and security. This in turn helps drive better decision making, based on real-time analysis and reporting.

Your MSP is, quite literally, your other emergency service.