The cloud can be a very beneficial business option for many industries but there are some that it does not make sense for.

The cloud has become a very popular resource for many companies but there are some industries that should not buy into the hype for all components of the business. For some, it makes complete sense to utilize the cloud and gain benefits from it. Others may run into more issues as a result.

Accounting in the cloud

Why Some People are Afraid of Using the Cloud

There are many companies who have resisted using the cloud simply because they do not understand it or because they are afraid of it. The cloud is a mystery to some people and it is a completely different way of running a business. Although it has been around for many years, there many be some valid reasons people are afraid of it. These are the most common fears associated with cloud use:

  • Security. Security is a huge component of cloud usage that can be focused on but never really guaranteed. Many companies are scared of using the cloud because they do not know what type of security comes with it.
  • Losing Control. When you use the cloud, you are effectively moving data that you store on site to cyberspace. Doing so can seem like you no longer have any control over your information. Losing control is a real fear especially with some providers locking customers in and holding their data hostage.
  • Performance. In some industries, performance is a huge value addition and when things are moved to the cloud, you may not have any control on the performance of the system. This can slow you down and even change the way you do business.

When You Should Not Consider the Cloud

There are many situations that can result in not getting the best results from the cloud. That doesn’t mean you cannot eventually use the cloud but you may want to wait a few years. The cloud is not a fit if you fall into any of these categories:

  • You need to have hands-on access to data or equipment. Some industries rely completely on being able to interact with their data and equipment. If your company falls into this category, having complete control over your data is imperative and using the cloud does not make sense.
  • You need custom, on-site applications. If you need access to custom applications to get your business done, most of the cloud providers will not be able to provide this to you. You should stick to what you currently have and build from there because it will be a more solidified system.
  • You want to pay for a server every 3 years. When you use the cloud, you usually have to pay the provider on a monthly basis based on usage and your package. If this does not sound like a feasible financial move for your business, it is not a good fit. Instead, you should continue to pay for a new server every three years.

Why the Accounting Industry is Not a Good Fit

An accounting business falls into at least two of these categories and it does not make sense to use the cloud. Many companies have their own applications to get the work done and they need to have full access to data at any given time. That does not mean that the cloud will not be a good fit later on but if your accounting business operates the way the industry does, the cloud will not provide you with any benefits.

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